Who are we

Sweeney's Pets is an owner operated exotic pet shop. We have decades of experience in tropical fish, small mammals birds and reptiles, animal husbandry and breeding. We won't carry dogs and cats but will carry supplies and toys. We will support local animal shelters. We strive to offer the absolute healthiest animals at competitive pricing. We do this by research breeders  and getting your next critter from the source. Our years of experience and our continued education will ensure you have a place where you can trust to go for information as well as guidance in this hobby. We don't name the pets in our store but we consider them a part of our family and we want to make sure that you get the right products to properly care for them for a long healthy life. We offer the name brand items that you will find in the big box stores and we actually have the experience and knowledge to show you how to actually use them properly.

We understand the science behind starting a new tank and can guide our customers through what can be a very aggravating experience if you aren’t armed with the right knowledge of what to expect. Our staff are all hobbyists and have gone through the steps to start and maintain a healthy aquarium, so you know you can trust our guidance. We offer water testing services to help diagnose any issues that may arise on your journey to the tank of your dreams, and carry every product you may need to fix them.

What's New

Something new in our shop

New Pets

 We have three baby ferrets. One Panda (in photo on left), an Albino, and a White Faced. They are very social critters. Come see them today!

New Morphs

We have a wide range of Snakes with many different color patterns or morphs.

   Come see all the different options we have and fall in love with one or all.

   These reptiles are very easy to manage

with no major requirements.

What our customers are saying

The owner really knows what he is doing. Always willing to help and never tries to sell you something you don't need.

Cassandra Anderson-  Loyal Customer for Life